Anthony Hernandez

I’ve always had a zeal for technology and a passion for helping people, evidenced by my commitment to technology employment throughout college and beyond; I’ve worked as a computer repair technician, website designer, database programmer, senior level field engineer, technology teacher, technology consultant, technology manager, technology director, and now a business owner.



Devin Vegiga

Devan, is a native of Moreno Valley, CA and computer specialist. He is driven by technology and loves helping people. In 2015, he completed an Associate’s Degree in Math and Science from Riverside City College. Afterward, he quit working an entry-level job in pursuit of service to his country. Devan enlisted in the United States Navy to open up doors for opportunity. He has traveled the country, gaining valuable work experience and IT certifications. Devan recently began his Bachelor’s Degree program in Information/Computer Systems and currently serves in the US Naval Reserve. Outside of work and school, Devan enjoys working on his car and spending time with his girlfriend of 5 years.


Tech Intern

Christian Hoffman

Christian Hoffman is a recent graduate from UC Riverside in Film, Theater, and Digital Production. While his focus in life is to make movies and tell stories on film, he has grown to love marketing and how it can tell the story of how businesses and the communities they serve. Around the Captain IT office he works on developing marketing content and editing videos, but you may also see him on the street reaching out to businesses and establishing Captain It’s home in the community.

Digital Content Producer

Marc Garrett

Marc Garrett is a professional Marketing Guru. He is a creative and passionate visionary that some might call a Polymath. Marc helps industries learn the value of the tools in technology to help build them understand just how important the fundamental principals of basic cybersecurity protection and professional Managed IT Services actually help to protect not only their client assets but also the integrity of client accession.  


Marketing Director

Michael Moreno

I am currently a student at Riverside City College pursuing a Associates in Cyber Security and Information Systems and will be continuing to Cal St. University, San Bernardino for my Bachelors and Masters.  I have worked with both the Moreno Valley Unified School District and Moreno Valley City Hall in IT and film production positions.  I have always had a passion in every field of technology, if that’s computers, cameras, information systems and even aviation, plus whatever comes my way!  I want continue to push the boundaries, and always learn more, as well as being willing do anything to get things done and done right!


 Tech Intern

Luna Chen

My name is Luna I’m an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Media Cultural Studies. I’m a self sufficient individual who likes to expand her skills through working with others and taking on new tasks. I’m always looking to improve myself and see everything in the big picture. My strengths includes brainstorming new ideas and being organized. I also value and enforce good communication because I think it’s the foundation to doing great business and maintaining good relations.

Office Administrator

Jesus Martinez

As the senior tech here at Captain IT, Jesus is responsible with making sure the ship is sailing smoothly. Born and raised here in Riverside, Jesus a passion for learning and helping those in need. In 2017, Jesus completed an Associate Degree in Computer Technology from UEI Riverside. Shortly after. Jesus was hired on full-time at Captain IT and has been providing excellent customer service ever since. In 2018, Jesus received his A+ Certification, certifying that he is knowledgeable and proficient with computer hardware and software. On his off-time, Jesus enjoys playing his guitar and traveling to new and exciting places.

Senior Service Tech


Saray Rodriguez

Saray is the marketing intern at Captain IT. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Information Systems at Cal Poly Pomona. Saray is a goal-oriented student who has participated in several programming competitions: Bealle and Butterworth, Rose-Hack and Athena Hacks. She enjoys having a cup of coffee everyday and she believes that she is saving the planet by not eating meat.

Marketing Intern